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BG131Click here to enlarge0131/2131890,1c Colony Seal,Green, OG-HR .85.85
BG179Click here to enlarge0179/260a1913-1,2c George V & Colony Seal,Scarlet, Perf-14 OG-HR 3.503.50
BG193Click here to enlarge0193/2741923,2c George V & Colony Seal,Deep-Violet,Wmk-4 Used 2.902.90
BG210Click here to enlarge0210/3081934,1c Ploughing Rice Fields,Green, Perf-12-1 OG-HR .70.70
BG212Click here to enlarge0212/2901934,3c Gold Mining,Carmine, Perf12-1/ OG-HR .35.35
BG215Click here to enlarge0215/2931934,12c Shaboek Market,Orange, OG-HR .35.35
BG227Click here to enlarge0227/3051937,2c Coronation Issue,Brown, Perf-13-1 OG-HR .35.35
BG228Click here to enlarge0228/3061937,4c Coronation Issue,Gray-Black, Perf-13-1 OG-HR .40.40
BG229Click here to enlarge0229/3071937,6c Coronation Issue,Bright-Ultra, Perf-13-1 OG-HR .45.45
BG230Click here to enlarge0230/3081938-5,1c Ploughing Rice Fields,Green,Wmk-4 Perf-12-1 OG-HR .35.35
BG231Click here to enlarge0231/3091949,2c Keiteur Falls,Violet-Black, OG-HR .35.35
BG233Click here to enlarge0233/3111938-5,6c Indian Shooting Fish,Deep-Ultra,Wmk-4 Perf-12-1 OG-HR .35.35
BG242Click here to enlarge0242/3221946,3c Peace Issue,Carmine, OG-HR .35.35
BG243Click here to enlarge0243/3211946,6c Peace Issue,Dark-Blue, OG-HR .35.35
BG246Click here to enlarge0246/3241949,4c UPU Issue,Rose-Carmine, OG-HR .35.35
BG247Click here to enlarge0247/3251949,6c UPU Issue,Indigo,Wmk-4 OG-HR 1.401.40
BG248Click here to enlarge0248/3261949,12c UPU Issue,Orange,Wmk-4 OG-HR .35.35
BG249Click here to enlarge0249/3271949,24c UPU Issue,Blue-Green,Wmk-4 OG-HR .35.35
BG250Click here to enlarge0250/3281951,3c University Issue,Carmine & Black, Perf 14x1 OG-HR .40.40
BG251Click here to enlarge0251/3291951,6c University Issue,Deep-Ultra & Black, Perf-14x1 OG-HR .45.45
BG252Click here to enlarge0252/3301953,4c QEII Coronation Issue,Carmine & Black, Perf-13-1 OG-HR .35.35
BG268Click here to enlarge0268/3461961,5c Clasped Hands,Salmon-Pink & Brown,Wmk-314 Perf-14-1 OG-HR .35.35
BG269Click here to enlarge0269/3471961,6c Clasped Hands,Light-Blue & Brown,Wmk-314 Perf-14-1 OG-HR .35.35
BG270Click here to enlarge0270/03481961,30c Clasped Hands,Light-Orange & Brow,Wmk-314 Perf-14-1 OG-HR .40.40
BG271Click here to enlarge0271/3491963,20c Freedom From Hunger,Lilac, Perf-14x1 OG-HR .35.35
BG273Click here to enlarge0273/3511963,20c Red-Cross Centenary,Ultramarine & Red,Wmk-314 Perf-13 OG-HR .65.65
BGJ1Click here to enlargeJ0001/D11940-5,1c Postage Due,Green,Wmk-4 Perf-13-1 OG-HR 1.751.75
BGMR1Click here to enlargeMR0001/2711918,2c War-Tax,Scarlet,Wmk-3 Perf-14 OG-HR 1.401.40

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